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The Widest Range of Replacement PartsFor Waukesha® VHP® Series Engines

Why Buy

Why Buy Our parts?

This is a question we are asked many times each year. It is a valid question that all of our customers have asked prior to their first purchase of our products. There is always a question regarding price and quality involved when purchasing parts on the scale that presents itself in our industry. The amount of money involved dictates that discretion be at the forfront of your purchasing decision. We here at Workhorse Power™ understand this all too well, which causes us to have the same prudence when we set up our relationship with the factories that build our parts.


Yes Workhorse Power™ parts are LESS EXPENSIVE than OEM. We specialize in replacement parts for the Waukesha® VHP® series engines and our volume production runs and close manufacturing relations reduce our costs. We do not have the cost of distributors, or the cost of expensive corporate overhead. You will typically pay up to 45% less for our products and achieve equal or better performance.


QUALITY and PERFORMANCE cannot be separated in engine parts as is demonstrated by having thousands of power cylinder heads currently in operation worldwide. When evaluating overhaul parts, especially for large engines such as the Waukesha® VHP® models, the primary concern is QUALITY and SERVICE, not price. Our quality is based on many hundreds of thousands of hours of operations, and our commitment to service and low prices are rarely, if ever, beaten!


Workhorse Power™ replacement parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are built to the standards of quality that we require in heavy duty, long life parts. Be assured that our quality control processes meet and exceed expectations.



SERVICE is developing an International network in dozens of countries over the past three decades based on personal service, to supply replacement parts for the Waukesha® natural gas large bore engines at your convenience.


SERVICE is more than just having someone answer the phone. Service is having a large research library on engines to help you avoid ordering the wrong part and therefore preventing the delay of a project and saving on unnecessary costs for expedited shipping to replace a part.


SERVICE is having parts ready for you when you need them. It's working through the weekend or after regular business hours to have your shipment ready to ship out in the fastest time possible. We are dedicated to help you profit by avoiding downtime and problems.


SERVICE is having the expertise and passion to deliver premium replacement parts that fit the VHP® series Waukesha® engine models. We realize that you have many choices when it comes to buying your parts for a Waukesha® natural gas engine , so we have made it one of our missions to provide the best possible pricing and service so your requirements are met.



Whether you are around the corner locally or across the world in another country, Workhorse™ has the ability to ship your parts safely and securely at the best price possible. We have built a strong quality relationship with our shipping affiliates that allow us volume discounts that we pass on to our customers to help them save money on their shipments.


Workhorse™ takes pride in packing our parts to protect them and not just to fill the voids in the box with packing material. We use heat treated pallets for our overseas shipments. We label each part individually for easy identification. We pack each part in a manner to protect them and help insure you receive them in the same condition they leave our facility.


With over three decades of International commerce, Workhorse Power™ is in position to provide you with virtually any shipment method needed or desired. We are happy to pass along the best shipping rates we can with our discounts, or use the carrier of your choice.


We can deliver locally for a nominal fee, or work with your carrier on your account if you prefer. We are happy to coordinate with your forwarder or delivery service personnel to facilitate a rapid shipping occurrence once your order is ready.

How to Order

We have provided easy navigation of our site for your convenience!


From the HOME page, scroll down to see our parts categories listed as well as information about Our company and what we can provide.


You can use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate areas of interest, or type a part number directly in the SEARCH BY PART NUMBER bar at the top right of the page to locate a specific part.


To request a quote, select the PRODUCTS tab at the top of the page and from the drop down menu choose the category that best describes your need and click on it to go directly to that category. You can also scroll down to click SHOP NOW button in the category tabs.



To place a requested item in your quote cart, click the ADD TO QUOTE button at the bottom of the parts picture, this will automatically add that item to a cart for submission once you have added all the desired items. You can review your cart at anytime by clicking on the REVIEW QUOTE tab at the top of the page or the shopping cart picture at the upper right hand corner of the page.


To review your quote cart, scroll up to the shopping cart picture at the upper right hand corner of the page, or click the REVIEW QUOTE tab. Click to see what you have requested. Once on the review quote screen, you can easily view items individually by clicking on the part number or thumbnail picture. Edit items here by increasing or decreasing quantity desired or remove entirely by clicking the red X.


When you are satisfied with your selections click the PROCEED TO REQUEST QUOTE button. Your quote request will be delivered directly to us and we will respond with your pricing as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. If for some reason we have not responded to your request within a 48 hour period, please contact us via email or phone to insure we have received your request.


To contact us, click on CONTACT tab at the top of the page or scroll down to see contact information. You can click on the EMAIL WORKHORSE POWER link to send an E-mail from here, chat with us by opening up the chat box at the bottom of the page and typing your questions or call us directly at the phone number provided. We try our best to always answer the phone, and even forward the phone calls to an on call associate after hours.

We specialize in replacement parts for the following VHP® series engines: F3521G / F3521GSI / L7042G / L7042GSI

P9390G / P9390GSI

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